Honda BF350 - a groundbreaking achievement with first V8 engine


The Honda BF350 outboard engine is an innovative product from the Honda lineup, thanks to its completely new Honda V8 engine that can be used on both land and water. It is designed to meet the needs of families who want to enjoy larger boats and travel farther from the shore. The Honda BF350 offers everything you need: unparalleled power, exceptional speed, and exhilarating acceleration. Furthermore, it provides outstanding fuel efficiency, top-notch performance, and a range of features that are unique to Honda outboard motors. All of this, the Honda BF350 achieves in a sophisticated and attractive design that is as practical and functional as it is elegant and appealing.

– The first Honda Marine serially produced V8 engine
– Superior combination of power, torque, and fuel efficiency with exclusive VTEC technology
– Instant acceleration and improved initial movement thanks to the BLAST system
– Impressive fuel efficiency
– Power trim & tilt (the ability to adjust the motor’s angle and raise it)
– High charging power for multiple consumers on board
– Quiet engine operation, especially during cruising.
– Honda exclusive iST® (Intelligent system for electronic speed and throttle control)
– iST is compatible with configurations with two, three, and four engines
– Highly corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy design
– Engine alert system monitors vital engine functions and prevents its damage
– The engine cover is designed for easy lifting, even for a V8. Handles are located on the top left and right.

Gear caseXL/U
Starting systemR/D
Ignition systemCDI
Number of cylindres6
Engine volume4952
Valve number32
Cooling systemV
Fuel tank capacity (lit)/
Alternator (12V)93A
Transom height635/762
Dry weight (kg)347/352

S – short axle, L – long axle, XL – extra long axle, U – extra extra long axle, R – electric start and mechanical remote control, D – electric start and electronic controls, CDI – thyristor ignition, V – water, A –aerial, K – carburetor, M – manual, EH – electrohydraulic trim, I – direct fuel injection


A new multi-function color screen is available to display clear and accurate information.


All engines equipped with the IST system are available with an immobilizer ignition system. This is designed to prevent the engine from starting without the owner's remote ignition key.

iST (Intelligent Shift & Throttle)

The IST command and control system is available in all V6 models offering superior control and plug-and-play installation. The system features fast idle mode, motion control and engine speed / trim synchronization (up to 4 engines).


The unique ECOom ignition control system adjusts the fuel-to-air ratio depending on load and speed to improve fuel consumption while cruising.


Honda's unique VTEC technology (variable valve timing and electronic lift control) provides a unique blend of power, torque and efficiency at any speed. Available in BF250/225 models only.


Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLASTTM) dramatically improves acceleration and performance by improving ignition timing during acceleration. Quick movements of the throttle activate the BLAST® system.